Meta - re-reading old posts

Over the last week I've spent my free time reading my old posts instead of writing new ones. The goal was to produce a list of the best posts so I could create a 'start here' page for new readers. Their alternative being trawling through the pages and possibly never making it as far as the good stuff.

I now have a list of the best posts, but it's not nearly short enough. Possibly this is a good thing. But another thing happened as I was reading: I realised that I don't give anywhere near enough introduction or context. Some of my posts would have been utterly incomprehensible to most people, and by most people I mean anyone who isn't me. But all my posts are written in spare minutes of the day and are all effectively first drafts. They haven't had the benefit of being carefully combed for comprehensibility or basic spelling. But being a first draft isn't an excuse, I just need to get better.