I drew the owl

I looked again at the piece of code that perplexed me, and it perplexed me no longer. It was the heat! I was keeping up!

I had another satisfying moment today, when I read:

An unsurprising difference between lists in Clojure versus other Lisps is that they;re immutable. At least that had better not be surprising any more.

And of course it wasn't. But the tone this strikes is judgmental and condescending, and could put some readers off. Maybe it assumes that readers who have made it this far, page 91, would certainly be nodding along so it's safe to say, indeed encouraging because people would be thinking 'that's not me!'. Or maybe it is a real manifestation of a demanding pedagogical style, a style I've certainly encountered.

Whichever it is, it is very pleasing to read a technical book with character, written in an interesting voice. And it's also pleasing to keep up.