I always knew

If you grind wheat to a powder and mix it with water and let it sit for a while, it might begin to bubble. When you hit it it'll get stretchy. If you leave it alone it'll get bigger. If you put it into an enclosed space that's hot enough it'll turn into bread.

If you mine rocks from deep underground and then roast them, and heat them, you'll get metal. If you happen to have iron, chromium, nickel, and others, you can combine them in a big pot and heat them up for 10 or so hours. Then you can pour it into a mould, and hammer and temper and shape, and smooth and sharpen and then you might have a knife, with which to cut the bread.

The bread gets dry after a few days, so you can hold the slice up to a fire, and make toast. Don't get me started on butter and Marmite.

I've always known I've liked toast, but it's not been something I've ever articulated. It's always been taken for granted that I should have a special machine in my kitchen for making toast. Really, toast is an amazing pinacle of human achievement, and a steady beacon of comfortable domesticity. Toast is amazing.

I've always known I've been a feminist, and that feminism is a special achievement of ours. Of ours. I wasn't sure that was ok. I didn't want to step on anyones ideological turf. Caitlin Moran is also a pinacle of human achievement, except for writing behind a paywall at the Times. And she's more than happy for me to be a feminist. She wants me on-side. I want to be, and I'm a feminist. Or as she might say I'M A FEMINIST WHO LOVES TOAST.