No redemption

How, just over half-way through Lolita, can H.H. possibly be redeemed? Sure, he's condemned from the start, despite his claims that his sort are harmless poets (he's not). But how can he be redeemed from where he is now, a way dirtier and depravier place than where we started? Redemption is probably boolean, but the redeeming cliff that must be scaled probably rises with the crime. He's not got the crampons.

Here's some condemnation:

He retracts a promise to Lolita and laughs as she sobs.

He fantasises about impregnating her and molesting her child, and maybe even molesting that child's child. In this he identifies himself as grandad, an incestuous pervserion a step beyond pederasty, one not explained by his infatuation with Annabel.

He feigns sleep and 'every night' hears Lolita sob. He states this without the sympathy of a normal person.

There can be no return for Humbert from this place.