A socialist and an un-believer

The best kind of heretic:

The only good God is a dead one: a failed political criminal in an obscure corner of the earth. There can be no success which does not keep faith with failure. It is this faith which has since been used to justify imperial adventures, the repression of women, the disembowling of un-believers, the reviling of jews, the abuse of children and the murder of abortionists. As a form of organised violence, it has become a badge of the rich, powerful and patriotic. It is the nauseating cant of US Evangelists, the joyous cries of bomb-happy miliratists washed in the blood of the Lamb, and the suburban respetability of fraudsters and wife-beaters. It is glazed, bland, beaming and tambourine-banging. It wants nothing to do with failure, and shoos the anawim off the streets. It is the logo of the military-industrial complex, the cross which props up the American eagle, the holy water sprinkled on human exploitation.

What a soaring, righteous, right-headed denounciation of organised religion. I'm definitely back on Eagleton's side after this.