More disjunctions

Sticky notes My strategy for today's entry is the usual one I take when I'm tired: pick a sticky-note from the last reading session and write about that. This particular sticky note is interesting because it's actually been torn into two long strips and stuck on opposite pages.

The scene describes Eli settling into Toshaway's camp. The first marker is on these lines:

I was already sick from nervousness and the rotting meat and the flies swarming. Then a young brave came out of nowhere and hit me in the jaw.

The second is four of five lines later:

It was late in the afternoon and nice in the sun... I sat listening to the creek.

There's is little that precedes the first marker to indicate Eli's terrified state of mind. But here we're told pretty directly so I guess now we know. And moment's later he's basking in the sunset. Immediately after this he's held down and his ears are pierced with a red-hot awl and there is nothing about his reaction to this, he just gets up and drinks lemonade.

There's so much that is excellent in The Son, but there is plenty that's cack-handed too.