A definite hint of rebellion

But only rebellion of a very mild kind. Hurree to Kim:

    'Oah, it is nothing. Onlee I was at Simla when the wire came in about what our mutual friend said he had hidden, and old Creighton—' He looked to see how Kim would take this piece of audacity.

    'The Colonel Sahib,' the boy from St Xavier's corrected.

Hurree again, when discussing the northern kings:

    "By Jove," I said, "why the dooce do you not issue demi-offeecial orders to some brave man to poison them, for an example? It is, if you permit the observation, most reprehensible laxity on your part." And Colonel Creighton, he laughed at me! It is all your beastly English pride. You think no one dare conspire! That is all tommy-rott.

I hope there's more!