Racism in Kim - part 3 of ?

"Allah how he fought! We should never have done it but for the drugs. That was his white blood, I take it," said Mahbub Ali. Because apparently white blood is powerful blood. Eeep!

It occurs to me that this mini-series of posts about "racism" in Kim is too blunt. Is there something political going on too? Hurree Chunder Mookerjee's spoken words might be spelled in a mocking accent but it's not insignificant that he's the only character who speaks like this and also the only Indian character who holds an important government position. It's hard to avoid the conclusion that while he's smart and capable, he's also foolish and not fit to self-govern; i.e. Indians are not fit to self-govern. Is there another interpretation? Is that stretching it?

My previous posts have been rather over-confident about these issues. My views are obviously still evolving, as they should be.