A hint of rebellion

Is there any representation of Indian dissent against colonial rule in Kim? I've only found this passage so far, where Kim and E23 are on the train trying to escape:

I don't know what you're saying,'—the Englishman flushed angrily—'but it's some piece of blasted impertinence. Come out of that!


E23, affecting to misunderstand, gravely produced his ticket, which the Englishman wrenched angrily from his hand.


'Oh, zoolum! What oppression!' growled the Jat from his corner. 'All for the sake of a jest too.' He had been grinning at the freedom of the Saddhu's tongue.

Of course the Jat has been moaning and complaining for a while so this could simply be nothing more than that. And I don't know what connotations zoolum (cursed oppression) has, whether it's just the normal day-to-day corruption of officials or something more generic.