What we learn from Kims own mouth

Kim has been mysterious. There is a key passage in Chapter 8 where Kim reveals some of the internal workings of his mind to Mahbub Ali.

He reflects upon his actions: he tells Mahbub Ali how he used the information he had about the coming war: "I made the news as if it were a hook to catch me victual and honour." And he shows he reflects on his wisdom in telling the regiment: "It did me no sort of good."

He reflects upon his identity: he explains the future to us a little, and his understanding of the importance of his education: "I will stay in the madrissah until I am ripe." We learn that he begins to understand his dual identity more fully: "But when the madrissah is shut, then must I be free and go amongst my people." This is of course complimented by the poetry at the beginning of the chapter:

    I would go without shirts or shoes,
    Friends, tobacco or bread
    Sooner than for an instant lose
    Either side of my head.

With these answers, I'm ready to hear about the next stage of his life.