Racism in Kim - part 1 of ?

In 2011 Ibn Warraq wrote an article for the New English Review, a refutation of Edward Said's reading of racism in Kim. If only I had time between work and childcare to read not only Said's Culture and Imperialism, but also Orientalism I would be a happy man. I don't, so I'm running with what I have and using this to kick off my thinking about racism in Kim.

Racism is a continuum. Where Kipling distinguishes between races, technically racism, we today would refer to cultural differences. The term 'racist' now is for a sneering and hateful person, and simply cannot be applied to the telling in Kim. And, like Warraq, I feel that if a reader cannot see the love Kipling has for all of India then I'm afraid they would be guilty of a misreading. Racism perhaps, modern evil racism, no. Not even close.